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Ethan Frehner, lead author of a paper about the discovery in the journal “Watching badgers undertake this massive excavation around and underneath is impressive.

It’s a lot of excavation engineering they put into accomplishing this. A substantial amount of their lifetime is spent either underground or a lot of nocturnal behaviour, so it’s hard to directly observe that.” Fellow researcher Evan Buechley, who is studying for a Ph D, originally staked out seven dead calves with camera traps in the hope of finding out more about vultures and other carrion birds.

Badgers were known to bury caches of food, such as mice and rabbits, and to scavenge meat from dead animals, but no one had thought they would take on a body that was about four times heavier than they were.

The researchers said that by burying the bodies of fallen stock badgers may provide a service for ranchers as this would help to stop the spread of disease.

We think it’s pretty cool that you can come to our events and interact with the musicians because they feel more comfortable experiencing the event in this more intimate setting.

2) Our line-up will continue to be a multi genre mix, with an emphasis on jam music. Expect a very slight increase but also expect us to deliver the best line-up Highberry has ever seen.

We will be capping our ticket sales at 4,000 attendees in order to continue to deliver on the intimate experience.CHESTERFIELD • It's impossible to mistake the big cat in the grainy black and white pictures — not with that distinct patch of white hair at its mouth, the muscled jaw line, bulging shoulders and sleek profile. Louis County since 1994, and the 13th in the state. The Missouri Department of Conservation isn't quite sure, but most likely the mountain lion was just passing through in search of territory or a mate. 12 from a stationary wildlife camera mark the first confirmed sighting in St.You can also find out more about how the webcam was setup last year by reading this Quail Run Farm blog post.Some modifications have been made to make the webcam video more stable this year, including new network equipment.

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