Dating and friendship for pilots

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I caught up with a few airline pilots on Facebook, and they sounded off on pilot marriages and relationships. "It's hard for people who don't live the airline life to understand it.They think that while we are away that we are on vacation and partying.The plan was for singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun to go home to their families in Columbus, Ohio, relax and prepare for this year's 85-date world tour, headed for sold-out arenas all over America and culminating with a two-night stand at New York's Madison Square Garden.They never thought this would be the month that their single "Stressed Out," which came out last April, would absolutely explode on pop radio.

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" For an unlucky number of pilots, their relationships or marriages end due to one or more of these challenges leading to misunderstandings.

Honestly, ladies, could pilots be any more attractive?

They literally take tons of metal over large distances and make it ! They’re smart The amount of schooling it takes to become a pilot is insane.

They think of solutions quickly and will do anything to save the plane or your relationship from plummeting to the ground. They’re hardworking It takes a lot of work and dedication to become a pilot and to flying planes in general.

It takes even more work to be present in a relationship while flying planes all day. They care about people It’s no question that pilots care about their passengers.

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