Dating in middle east

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ADDIS ABABA Djibouti has asked the African Union to deploy observers along its disputed border with Eritrea after Qatar withdrew its peace-keeping troops two weeks ago, the Djibouti foreign minister said on Monday.

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DUBAI The Qatari riyal rose back to near its peg to the U. dollar on Monday as local banks returned from a week-long holiday and dominated the market, cooling speculation that economic sanctions might strain the peg to breaking-point. President Donald Trump spoke separately to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi and Qatar on Sunday to discuss his "concerns about the ongoing dispute" between Qatar and its Gulf and Arab neighbors, the White House said.

For years I waited for Harry to notice me in the sea of blondes and brunettes he dated.

After college, Harry vanished to Korea, and then reappeared on my Myspace page, tenderly cradling his Korean girlfriend.

In my youthful folly, I foolishly chose to pine for my black prince. To say I was immediately smitten was quite the understatement. I watched as he paraded through the halls of church and other gatherings with one girl after the other, none whom looked like me. Tightly sewed in Brazilian and Malaysian locks would not miraculously transform me into Shakira or JLO or secure my place in Jay’s heart.

After Jay came Harry, the quintessential IBM boy next door.

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