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About three-fourths of the Tswana people live in South Africa.Only about one-fourth live in Botswana, the country named after them.Throughout much of human history societies have been governed under authoritarian systems, in particular dictatorial or autocratic systems, resulting in a wide variety of thrones that have been used by given heads of state.These have ranged from stools in places such as a Africa to ornate chairs and bench-like designs in Europe and Asia, respectively.The first use derives from the practice in churches of having a bishop or higher-ranking religious official (archbishop, Pope, etc.) sit on a special chair which in church referred to by written sources as a "throne", and is intended to allow such high-ranking religious officials a place to sit in their place of worship.

Follow us for news, promote yourself, or show off your handiwork/sound: @billmaudio, billmaudio Friends of Billm Audio, it is my sad duty to report to you the passing of Bill Machrone, this past Sunday, 30th of October.

We need to add a little Czech/Slovak lesson in here to help understand the joke at the beginning. Regardless of whether we get this little play on words, we can all enjoy the action that follows.

Both languages use the verb ‘to smoke’ also for giving a blow joke, so when Rhys is asking Jeroen ‘but you know how to smoke, right?

Often, but not always, a throne is tied to a philosophical or religious ideology held by the nation or people in question, which serves a dual role in unifying the people under the reigning monarch and connecting the monarch upon the throne to his or her predecessors, who sat upon the throne previously.

Accordingly, many thrones are typically held to have been constructed or fabricated out of rare or hard to find materials that may be valuable or important to the land in question.

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