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There's no way to gauge whether this number is low or high compared with other venues for meeting people, but it's interesting that it hasn't budged more as online dating has become more popular and more accepted. For such pairings that are a decade old or younger, that figure is 11%.And 1% of America's serious relationships began online in the olden days, more than 10 years ago.And 16 percent of respondents say they consider online dating service users to be "desperate." If there is a melancholy note in all of this, it's in the number of survey takers.I mean, let's say that the 2001 folks that Pew talked to paired off, there's still one poor single left alone. To peruse the original Pew findings, complete with very nice graphs and an explanation of their methodology, read:"15% of American Adults Have Used Online Dating Sites or Mobile Dating Apps." on the Pew website.Forty-one percent of the 2001 survey takers, who were surely sick of answering questions by this point, said they know someone who practices digital dating.And 29 percent know someone who has hit the jackpot and walked away with a spouse or a long-term significant other on their arm.

And so it's natural to wonder if this is ruining society.On a pessimistic note, Pew reports that 45 percent of online dating users agree that online dating is more dangerous than analog dating.About 31 percent believe online dating deters commitment, because there are just so many fish in the digital sea.When Pew Research Center first studied online dating in 2005, few Americans had ventured into that uncharted territory.More than a decade later, digital technology - especially smartphones - has drastically transformed all aspects of our society, including our love lives.

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