Rrd graphs not updating

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Loosely, the label and value arrays are used in the rrd create command as $VALUE1$, $VALUE2$... series are also available, however, and can come in useful to put the thresholds on the graphs. It is stored in the foundation database for this host service, and updated only when changed, thus the message: "Nothing changed for localhost local_users" occurs when no change is needed for this command.

$LABEL1$, $LABEL2$, etc, to create the RRD with the appropriate DS names (typically labels) and populate the RRDs with the data (typically values). this is the actual command used to insert data into the RRD for this run of the check of this service on this host.

In turn, it seems that the centcore script will not read the service perfdata if the bckp file is present So the solution was to rerun cent and delete the file under /usr/local/nagios/var/

Once this file was deleted, centreon again started processing it’s graph data.

at https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:673 at Each (native) at e.i.convert Data To Targets (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:630) at e.With Data (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:44) at e.(https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:36) at new d (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:7) at Object.k.generate (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/common/javascript/charts/c3js:47) at Centreon Graph Metrics (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/views/graphs/javascript/centreon-graph.js:1) at Centreon Graph (https://nsm11net/centreon/include/views/graphs/javascript/centreon-graph.js:1) at https://nsm11net/centreon/include/views/graphs/javascript/centreon-graph.js: Hi, Sorry for late, I get an error in : No error in error_log and no java-script error.

rrd graphs not updating-67

Units on the tooltip need some help displaying small values: You can also see the drop/fall at the end I mentioned previously in that screenshot Also, no choices for Traffic Shaping, Wireless, or Captive Portal are shown. I removed the code, but unfortunately the builder already picked it up: https://github.com/pfsense/Free BSD-ports/commit/b38f4f75a9b73a0962adc8f7690c542067447cf5 It should take it out the next time around.Please see My performance graphs all stopped working. Here are the steps to quickly gather it for support to analyze.The data you need can be collected with the above procedure.To change it, you will need to modify the Performance configuration in Configuration - this is the record of posting data for this service to foundation for use in the enterprise performance reports. Remove text/html since it's redundant, and add a few others. Reduces load time on slow connections to about 1/4th of what it is without gzip on json. I touched them last a while back but I only managed to make them suck slightly less. The "end" of the graph (right side) always seems to fall to 0, it's more noticeable on the 1 hour graph choice.

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