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I am picturing something non-fiction that is more interesting than reading frommer's and maybe that will make her experience even more enjoyable having read it prior to the trip.

They like camping fishing kayaking canoeing, viewing wildlife and jsut enjoying pristine untouched nature at its finest.

He worked on an extra gang where he replaced existing ties with ones cut fresh from trees.Before it charged, the video showed the animal walking around in the snow as skiers passed it.The moose was shown in the video breaking into a run - and a voice repeatedly yelled 'Go! People at the scene rushed to escape the aggravated animal's path.The tundra-covered area, called the , is underlain by permafrost, which is permanently frozen sediment and rock; only a shallow surface zone thaws during the short summer, producing a vast number of small ephemeral lakes and ponds.That region is geologically complex, as is the higher Brooks Range to the south, but the layered bedrock is of less-resistant lithologies, some of which are rich in hydrocarbons.

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