Slumdog millionaire actors dating

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“It was such a beautiful, profound script, and the fact that it is all based on a real story makes it even more incredible.” The plot of Lion, which also stars Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara and an extraordinary performance from newcomer Sunny Pawar, would be dismissed as utterly implausible but for the fact that it actually happened.

Patel plays Saroo Brierley, who was born in a tiny village in India but became separated from his older brother in a railway station.

Tilda, a 22-year-old Australian actress, who hails from Adelaide and starred in The Kettering Incident, was spotted holding hands with Dev in Hollywood the day after the Oscars.

(Anita also hung out with the rumoured couple.) Dev and Tilda are starring in the upcoming film , and Tilda were first linked together when they were spotted hanging out at the Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscars party on Saturday.

He was brought up in Australia, but the past would not release its grip, and Saroo set about using Google Earth to try to locate the village that had been his home.

All this is depicted in Lion (in cinemas from Friday 20 January), a beautifully made and incredibly moving film that has earned five Bafta nominations, including a supporting actor nod for Patel.

Patel said the issue came to head when his mother read rumors on the Internet that he was about to make it official with Pinto."I was like, Mum, ' I didn't – trust me,'" said the British-born Patel, speaking to People magazine.

Dev Patel has become used to appearing in films speaking in an accent other than his own.

The little boy was placed in an orphanage, where he was adopted by an Australian couple.

The pair were dogged by marriage rumours throughout their relationship, prompting Patel to deny reports in 2010 that they were engaged.

Surely, relationships are the last thing that would cross your mind in such a scenario.

The former Skins actor said: "That would be a really long game for a horny 17-year-old to play.

There’s not even any point me trying to clarify or justify it, because then you give those silly headlines power.

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