Updating your cddvd burner driver

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It is sometimes necessary to move the recorder or disconnect all other IDE devices to perform this operation.

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Before unplugging the external drive, please be sure to reset the drive in Real Player (Real Times) Advanced Burning Options and wait for the change to take effect before saving the results. There are generic programs by allowing the chipset used eeprom (Mediatek, Winbond ... This requires appropriate software, to boot to DOS (not a DOS window opened in Windows) and have the firmware in a binary or hexadecimal.The implementation is done by entering the IDE channel that the recorder is connected, 1 = Primary Master, Primary Slave 2 =, 3 = Secondary Master, Secondary Slave = 4.I'mrunning Windows 7, my processor is 2.6GH, 6GB RAM, and a 600GB harddrive.Any information or clues as to why this is happening would bewelcomed.--Submitted by: Ronnie W.

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