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For example, in the episode "In Plain Sight" (2x8), one of the criminals is named Rolle and Charlie's father mentions a meeting with a man named Robert Peterson.

Season 1 The first season run of the show aired between January 23, 2005, and May 13, 2005, at p.m. It sees the start of the working relationship between Los Angeles' FBI department and Charlie Eppes.

A typical episode begins with a crime, which is subsequently investigated by a team of FBI agents led by Don and mathematically modeled by Charlie, with the help of Larry Fleinhardt (Peter Mac Nicol) and Amita Ramanujan (Navi Rawat).

The insights provided by Charlie's mathematics were always in some way crucial to solving the crime.

My first video version two (I've erased the first version...).

There was some things that I just had to make better.

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A/N: Inspired by an all-too-brief scene in Kill the Poor and the wonderful Miss wrote about fun with fruit in "The Cherry On Top."The bathroom was warm from the steam curling against the walls, and Charlie leaned back in the tub, tension slipping away as the hot water soaked into his skin and loosened his muscles and his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking softly. We’re colleagues and friends, and we want this to work, and if it doesn’t… There’s not a set of variables that have to be present in order to get what you want. Geez, I thought you would have had that figured out by now.”Still, it wasn’t like he hadn’t been turned on by the exchange.“Check out this gag gift from Megan.” He pulled out the dark jar tied with a festive red ribbon.“What is that? She says now that’s given me a gift, I have an obligation to use it.” He twists off the lid. “Thinks it’s an incentive for me to get a girlfriend.”Charlie laughed. Brothers Ridley and Tony Scott produced Numb3rs; its production companies are the Scott brothers' Scott Free Productions, CBS Television Studios (originally Paramount Television, and later CBS Paramount Television).The show focuses equally on the relationships among Don Eppes, his brother Charlie Eppes, and their father, Alan Eppes (Judd Hirsch), and on the brothers' efforts to fight crime, normally in Los Angeles.

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